Cerebral allows to organize the workflow of even complex apps in a declarative way which is easy to reason about. It uses a single state tree and the view components are subscribing to branches of this tree. State changes happens only in signals which contain a function-tree, a sequence of functions which change the state or run side effects.


React like Views are the best choice for Cerebral. Choosing React over Inferno because Inferno is not compatible with Semantic UI.

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI is a great and beautiful UI framework which allows to fast and easy create a boilerplate which looks beautiful out of the box. But it's also extremely customizable.

Semantic UI React gives a seamless integration with the React framework and uses the same human friendly component and prop names.

I'm just using the default theme and the only CSS I added is the body background and the form background. IMHO it looks really great.